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Talking to people who may not know your organization and who have no known connection to it. Usually done either at commercial areas, government offices, corporate and residential.

More organized way of F2F is, visiting people who know your organization or are connected with it in some way. Usually done at people’s residence or offices after fixing an appointment.

The power of the Individual

Around 85 per cent of all voluntary giving comes from individuals, which makes one wonder why fundraisers spend so much effort chasing corporate and trust donors, doesn’t it? So, this is perhaps inevitably the biggest single area of fundraising excellence, innovation and inspiration. Individual giving itself divides into numerous specific areas, each of them important, some of them massively so – direct mail, telephone, major donors, inserts, committed giving, face-to-face, thanking donors, electronic/new media, off-the-page, television and door-drops.

Few interesting fact about face to face fundraising

  • Every fundraiser approaches 50-60 people in a day and recruits two new donors.
  • We work in commercial, corporate & SME on weekdays and residential on weekends (Sat).
  • We recruit fresher or experienced people in sales and train them on our F2F system.
  • Fundraisers get incentive if they over achieve their target.
  • Technical support- GPRS & EDC Machine 

1 fundraiser approaches 50 people in a day, 1250 in a month and 15000 in a year (Human Commercial), which helps organizations to connect with common people to make a strong brand as many organizations have done. One FR operation on an average has 25 fundraisers so the number goes to 375 thousands in a year.