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Our Team
Dev Mishra
Managing Director (Founder)

Dev is a B.Com graduate and pursued MBA from Kerala before joining the Banking industry in Kolkata. He started his career in the development sector at Oxfam India as a FR Executive and raised fund for more than 4 years in different cities (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Hyd). Soon he was given the responsibility of the Oxfam Trust's Bangalore operation, which was about to shut off due to scarcity of funds, where Dev dedicatedly acted as the driving force that helped revive the organization. With the success of Bangalore operation, he started 10 new FR operations for Oxfam India in just 14 months and handled all are running as a profit centre successfully. He ramped up the Oxfam In-house fundraising team from 3 to 130. His last position at Oxfam was National Fundraising Manager.

Dev has unique experience of opening 25 operations for fundraising in all the potential fundraising market in India. He has been the speaker at different International & National seminars for Fundraising, specially taking session for Face to Face fundraising & Tele-facing. He has trained hundreds of fundraisers for different organisation.

As it was always his dream to start something his own. He realised to share his expertise, passion and success of his fundraising journey with Non- Profit Organisation to add more value in fundraising world. With the same passion, he took the challenge to start something called FUNDreamz with many helping hands and sooner spread its wings in many cities, Corporate Office based in Noida and other branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune, Ahmedabad & Jaipur. His dream is to open more and more In-house fundraising operation for the sector, where income starts coming from Day-1. 

Dev’s expertise lies in managing human resource with aggressive result, that’s what, make him “People’s Person”. He is known for his leadership and creating next generation of leaders to take the key in their hand


  • Expert in face to face fundraising, corporate fundraising & setting up complete in-house fundraising operation. I have very successfull experience of handling people and bringing out the best result in them.
  • Setting up and bringing the profit through In-House Operation for Fundraising.
  • Recruiting and Training the Fundraising team.
Harish TG
Director (Founder)

Harish is an Arts graduate with simple habits and modest living. This god fearing man started his career at a very young age with garments manufacturing unit in 2005 in Bangalore. With his extrovert nature amazing interpersonal skills, interacting with people from all walks of life, is his hobby and thereby soon he joined Oxfam Trust to explore his capabilities.

He moved on to fundraising in November 2006 as a fundraising executive for Oxfam Trust’s Bangalore operation. In his tenure with Oxfam India, he underwent lots of ups & downs in initial stage of Oxfam’s fundraising in India being the oldest fundraiser for the organisation. He consistently kept his eyes on learning different tactics of fundraising. Known to be the best trainer in Face To Face fundraising he has trained more than 150 people on field in his 4 years of fundraising carrier. He played a very important role to build the operation and strong team in his last job at Oxfam India. He is one of the best competitors and acquired many achievements in the stream of fundraising. So says he “I believe that healthy competition always create good result which would help our nation grow.”

Harish took the charge for Oxfam’s Bangalore operation in full fledge way as Resource Mobilisation Head- Bangalore in May, 2009 and enlarged the size of  team to begin the second operation in the city soon.

Currently Harish holds the position of Director for FUNDreamz. His passion is to create more hands to raise more resources as per his belief.

Chidananda Swain
Director (Founder)

Chidananda is a Mechanical Engineer completed his B.E. from Utkal University, Odisha after his Polytechnic from Bangalore University addition to this he has done his Master in Business Administration from Punjab university . He comes from technical world started his career in production unit of an automobile company, Clutch Auto.

After working for two years, he felt human beings are better to deal with than machines and moved on to Fundraising in the Development Sector. He has raised funds for various International NGOs in India in last 11 years and known to be the best motivator for face to face fundraising. Before being the part of FUNDreamz, He was working with Oxfam as a Resource Mobilization Head in Mumbai. He startedtwo In-house fundraising operations for Oxfam in Mumbai in a span of just five months. He has handled couple of fundraising assignments in various cities like Delhi- NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Vadodara, Surat Uttrakhand and Jaipur to test the market potential for fundraising. 

Chidananda has a unique experience of interacting more than lakhs of donors on field through Face To Face fundraising channel and taking their valuable feedbacks. This helped many organizations to build their strong brand in the market. He enjoys fund raising because he genuinely feels that his efforts will be responsible for a change in the most marginalized section. 

Currently, Chidananda holds the position of Director and his desire is to make “FUNDreamz” most profitable organisation in the country.

Anjali C Swain
National Head (Founder)

Anjali is a commerce graduate from Deshbhandu College of Delhi University and later Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI Tripura.

Like many development officers and consultants, she entered the field of fund-raising not by desire but by accident and she stayed. On reflection, her primary motivation for doing this work is of course her strong belief in the inestimable value of non-profit organizations in itself.

As per Anjali, she still recalls the first organization where she served as trainee fund-raiser and felt that fund-raising was somehow distasteful and that one day the organization would have enough money and would no longer need to engage in such “practices". As a new fund-raiser she understood that “people give to people”. She believes strongly in a team concept of fund-raising, it is true that “there is no limit to the amount of money that can be raised if you do not care who gets the credit”. Friend, Fun and fund-raising are not only a noble vocation, but it allows her to engage with people. Finally, she believes whatever success she may have achieved derives from her passionate belief for the organizations which she has served as either the chief development officer or principal consultant.

Anjali’s last position was Resource Mobilisation Head- Mumbai for “Oxfam India”. In her tenure with Oxfam, she built a strong team for couple of In-house operations in city like Bangalore, Delhi, Noida & Mumbai. Currently, she holds the position of National Head for Retention & Training in FUNDreamz.

Ajeet Tiwari
Director (Founder)

Ajeet Tiwari is a man with vibrant academic background. Having done his schooling from Madhya Pradesh, he always had the charm to please people with his personality. He graduated as a Bachelor in Business Administration from Jiwaji University situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior. His love for travel prompted him to pursue a diploma in tourism & travel management, followed by a one year stint as an Assistant manager in Travelmaxx, New Delhi. Love for campus brought him back in college, this time to study MBA, Marketing & International business in a New Delhi based B-School.

A pronounced poet with interest in sporting activities, he has also represented the state in basketball and cricket in school days.  He also values cultural ethics, endowed to him by his family, which prompted him to work with Oxfam India as a Fund raising Executive in New Delhi. He never looked back ever since. He moved to Pune as a Team leader and later headed Chandigarh operations of Oxfam India.

Like other founders of FUNDreamz, so are his reasons. A born Leader and forerunner, his responsibility has been to setup FUNDreamz second North Indian operations in the City beautiful, Chandigarh. A “Working Class Hero”, currently holds the position of Director, aims to revolutionize the field of fundraising with newer innovations for the larger good of the society.